May 2021-


   H27 will be officially heading back to Cherry Pit Studios and working with Ryan Kutz again too record their next     album beginning in October.


Mar 2021-


   H27's "Turn The Lights Off" is featured on Aldora Britain Records compilation "Kerouac Said...".


Feb 2021-

   H27 was interviewed by Mistress Angie on 502 Fallen Angel Radio.


Jan 2021-


   After another covid forced break, H27 is back to writing new material for their next album.


Dec 2020-


    H27 was one of the top 10 rock bands in Milwaukee on ReverbNation for most of the year in 2020.


Oct 2020-


   H27's "The Soulless Highway" is featured on Aldora Britain Records compilation "Nomadic Movements".


Aug 2020 -

   H27 released a new lyric video for the title track "The Road to Nowhere".


Jun 2020 -

   H27 is back at it again after a break due to covid.  Continuing to work on new music for next album.

May 2020 -

   H27's Schack & Ken were interviewed by Bruce Outridge for The Lead Pedal Podcast for Truck Drivers  and           Cashing In On Creativity Podcast.

Feb 2020 -


   H27's own Ken Boggs was interviewed on WI Music Buzz.


Jan 2020 -


   H27 has begun writing new music for their next album.


Dec 2019 -


   H27 was one of the top 10 rock bands in Milwaukee on ReverbNation for most of the year in 2019.


Oct 2019 -


   H27 releases a video for "The Soulless Highway".


Aug 2019 -


   H27 performed at the 2019 Midwest Original Music Festival.  The performance was filmed and photographed.


July 2019-


   H27 performed at the 6th Annual Midday Matinee Milwaukee Music Mash Up.

May 2019 -


   H27 performed as a special guest at Blame It On Cain's new album release party.


March 2019 -


   H27 had a photoshoot with Dream River Photography.

Jan 2019 -


   H27 was interviewed for Flyover Podcast's episode #28.

Dec 2018 -

   H27 had an interview/album review in Fireworks magazine issue 85 from the UK.

Nov 2018 -


    More and more radio stations are playing H27 tunes.


Oct 2018 -


   H27 released a video for the song "Last Request".

Sept 2018 -


   The "Tear Off Your Face" lyric video was released.

July 2018 -


   Great reviews from "The Road to Nowhere" album are rollin' in. 


June 2018 -


   The EP "Verboten" and LP " The Road to Nowhere" are released.


MAY 2018 - 

   Tracks are all mastered off to production.

APR 2018 -


   All tracks are mixed .  Heading off to Joel Wanasek to be mastered.


FEB 2018 -


   H27 has finished recording at Cherry Pit Studios.  Ryan has begun to work on mixing the tracks.

JAN 2018 -

   H27 entered Cherry Pit Studios and began recording with Ryan Kutz.